Empowering school for competency-based teaching and learning in their own ecosystem

School Transformation cum Empowerment Program and Support system – STEPS


SWAMTRA works on competency-based learning among primary school children of private budget schools. we are focusing on basic competencies such as Environmental Science, Mathematics and Language(NCERT).

We have a well trained Assistant School Project Fellow, who would use Project-based, Experiential and Blended learning to teach the students Mathematics and EVS. Post-school hours, Assistant School Project Coordinator organizes community programs, home visits, etc.


We have learned and understood how School Social Workers functions in schools from the examples of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom etc, where most schools will have a professional School Social Worker.


We also had the basic understanding that psychological, Social, Behavioral and cultural problems can potentially affect a child’s ability to learn, So we have designed a School Social work program to support the child in school, and to connect parents, teachers and communities, So we have made Digital School Social Work Program.


This program is to empower school teachers and to train and enable them as practicing school Social workers which would upgrade their skills from just being a teacher to a trained social worker. SWAMITRA will conduct workshops, training and follow up sessions on Social Casework, Group Work and Community Organization. Post-training, we support them to practice Social Work in Schools, Collect case studies, conduct home visits etc and help out children in need. SWAMITRA will connect the needed students with expert doctors, therapists etc if it’s necessary using our networks and collaborations.


We firlmy believe that this program would bring a positive change in the psychological well being of children, and thus result in academic improvement.


We have designed a program to reach out to every school in our network, by setting up a mobile van equipped with worksheets, foldable labs like Math lab, Science lab, etc., Laptop, Projector, resource person and a School social worker. These mobile vans will move to schools and conduct on-demand workshops and learning sessions.

WHEELS vehicles will also go to communities and conduct training programs, awareness programs, reach out to community youth, etc.


This program is to make the schools support themselves financially, SWAMITRA would provide entrepreneurship training to school teachers, Students, Parents etc and encourage them to come up with enterprising ideas that can be executed within schools. This would help the school utilize the after school hours to do something creative and marketable. SWAMITRA will assist the school in marketing by using the collaborations.


We have a panel of expert mentors to assist the school leaders in various matters like Innovative classroom practices, Expansion of business, Marketing, Legal matters, etc.

SWAMITRA will assess the requirement and connect to a mentor accordingly

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