Empowering school for competency-based teaching and learning in their own ecosystem

SWAMITRA (Social Work Advancement through Maximum  Intuned Training for Research and Action) is an organization working towards the integral development of schools by participatory and collaborative methods.


Our vision is to empower each school for competency based teaching and learning in their own ecosystem.


We have a collaborative approach towards solving these problems. We connect students, teachers, parents and community members to build a better school environment and a better India!

Addressing Competency-based learning and adopts a collaborative approach that empowers schools in their own ecosystem for learning using ICT, teaching aids, good and innovative practices in an appropriate manner.


We are currently focusing on children of underprivileged communities and we are working with private budget schools, which have no access to basic facilities like library, playground, computer, science and mathematics labs, etc.

Our experience and research have revealed the following problems related to the teaching-learning of children:

High number of private budget schools are running in urban slum areas.

The majority of parents don’t have time to spend quality time with their children, because both are working.

Many parents are not able to afford extra coaching and extracurricular activities.

There is low awareness among parents towards all-round development of children and the skills that their children require for their future needs (21st-century skills)

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